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We are a group of existing teachers, that has lived abroad in various countries and have real life experience with almost any living abroad issue you can possibly think of. Our placement team and specialists are able to place you in Thailand, Vietnam, China and Cambodia.

About The Team

Sameer Kootboodien

I completed a TEFL course and travelled to China in search of adventure. I worked in China for a short time, but found a much better opportunity in Thailand. After finding this opportunity I brought my family over to join me. I taught for a bit in Thailand and found that by partnering with other teachers, we were able to design our own fully accredited TEFL course. I made some international contacts and then travelled back to SA, to offer this product and jobs to others.

Deolan Pillay

I studied to be a teacher and taught high school learners for a while. I found that it was not really for me. I then joined a large corporate company as a Trainer, and found that to be much more fulfilling. I have a passion for transferring knowledge and skills. Sam approached me to be a part of something we could call our own. Helping people make their TEFL dreams come true is a truly amazing feeling and one that gets me up in the morning.





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