Orientation & Placement Package Including TEFL Course


Online 120 Hour
+ Free 24H Tutor

Level 3 TEFL

 Online Tutor included
 Job club access

 Info and assist Visa, Work permit and Teacher’s license

 Dependant Visa assistance
 Bank account and health insurance guidance
 Accommodation assistance
Guide to living abroad


Our Orientation & Placement Package inclusive of TEFL Course

– Includes a 120 HR accredited online TEFL/TESOL course

  • Placement is guaranteed 

  • Processing and payment of visa, work permit and teacher’s license
  • Dependent visa assistance
  • Information about living abroad
  • Assistance with opening bank account and basic health insurance
  • Permanent Accommodation referral and viewings
  • Assistance with transport acquisition (if needed)
  • Job Club access + Follow up assistance
  • Airport pick up and transfer to your accommodation

Orientation includes: 

  1. Thai culture class
  2. Thai language exposure
  3. Practical teaching in a live classroom (adds hours to your resume)
  4. In class assignments of TEFL course, group activity and monitored discussion (if applicable)

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