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  • Click on the Lesson or Assignment NAME to open the Content.
  • Read and Understand the Lesson or Assignment Content
  • Click on TAKE QUIZ on the Menu Bar to open the Questions.
  • Enter your Answers and once completed Click SAVE and Submit by clicking COMPLETE QUIZ


For feedback on failed assignments or Tutor feedback,please click MY MESSAGES ( on the menu above) or  CLICK HERE


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Malpractice is a serious academic offence and will not be tolerated.

Please familiarise yourself with the Policy


FAQ (Please READ)

Tickets & General


If a query you submitted via a ticket has been answered in the below FAQs, the ticket will be closed.

We kindly ask that you read the FAQs and note that we have conveniently answered questions based on various topics in sections and subsections.

Please do not open another ticket.

Please email the relevant party if instructed so under your FAQ.

Please also note that a notification to indicate you submitted an assignment will automatically be closed.

A ticket opened to ask about the standard or quality of your assignment will also be closed. 


Upon completion of your course with no failed exams, we will request your certificate to be sent via email.

Should you have failed an exam(s), you will be automatically enrolled for a final exam. Upon completion of your final exam, we will request your certificate to be sent via email.

Certificates are sent every Wednesday. So if you completed on a Wednesday, or any day after until the next Tuesday, you will receive your certificate the very next Wednesday that follows. If you have not received it, within the time-frame, please email 

What Is The Duration Of My Course? How Long Do I Have Left?

The duration of all courses is 6 months.

The inception date is the date that you were onboarded on to the e-learning portal and expires exactly 6 months later. 

Can I Extend My Time Allowed To Complete The Course?

If your 6 months have expired, you are able to purchase added time or upgrade your course and receive free added time.

Please contact for assistance. 

Should I Wait For My Police Clearance Certificate Or Any Other Outstanding Documents Before Submitting Assignment 7?

No, please submit your assignment as long as all measures are met for part 1 of the assignment.

For part 2 of the assignment, submit whichever documents you have and when you receive the outstanding documents (PCC, Passport, degree) send to 

I Have Completed All My Lessons. What Will Be The Next Step In Terms Of Failure Of Lessons Or Am I Eligible For My Certificate?

Our records indicate that some assignments are not yet graded, some quizzes were failed and some assignments were failed 

Assignments that are failed need to be reset by you and attempted again – please check the feedback on a ticket opened by the tutor.

For quizzes that are failed, you will be given a final exam to complete. This will be loaded after everything else is completed successfully 

For assignments that are still to be marked, please await feedback. 


Submissions Of Assignments Or Exams On Ticket System

Please note we cannot, accept, assess or capture your grade from this messaging channel.

Please submit correctly through the actual assignment e.g. Module 2 or Module 4.

We also cannot review your assignment to see if it is good enough.

We are available to answer your questions relating to the assignment if you need assistance. 

Submissions Of Assignments Or Exams Via Email

Please note, we no longer accept assignment or exam submissions via email.

All assignments and quizzes are done via the e-learning portal.

Has My Assignment Been Marked?

If your assignment has been marked, it will show on your profile.

If it has not been marked after more than 1 working day, please email to escalate. Do not open another ticket.

Feedbacks on all failed assignments are sent via the new support tickets opened by the tutors. Please look for this ticket. You can check your email for a notification of this ticket too. 

I Am Struggling With A Topic And Need Assistance

We are happy to assist you, however in order to assist you, we require you to be very specific about what you are struggling with, what you do not understand and where we should assist. If there are any extracts, please include the screenshot. Please ensure your questions are also very clear. 

Finally, we believe that to empower you best, we give you an opportunity to tell us what you think the meaning is of what you are asking so that we can check your current understanding. 

These things are imperative for your learning. 

How Many Assignments And Exams Are There?

Your course includes a minimum of 11 lessons or a maximum of 13 lessons. 

The first 10 lessons all have a quiz each that must be completed

Lesson 1, 3, 6, 9, 10, 12 and 13 have assignments that must be completed.  

Lesson 11 has no exam and no assignment.

Finally, we believe that to empower you best, we give you an opportunity to tell us what you think the meaning is of what you are asking so that we can check your current understanding. 

These things are imperative for your learning. 

Can I Retake An Exam/Quiz?

You are not allowed to retake any one particular exam.

You will have to wait until you have finished and passed the remainder of your course in order to access your Qualifying Exam. This exam is based on all the quizzes and all the content. You will have 1 attempt to pass this exam and receive your certificate. If you fail this final exam you will have failed your course. Please take note of the questions you have gotten incorrect in order to improve. 

Please continue to submit outstanding assignments and quizzes.

For any assignment, you have 3 attempts per assignment. If you fail, you can reset the assignment and attempt it again.

Course Questions

At What Point Will I Know That I Have Completed My Entire Course?

The system we work on shows a grade for each quiz and each assignment.

The system shows an average percentage which gives the average grade of all the quizzes and assignments. The system also shows how far you are with your course and may say that you have completed the course with an x%. This does not mean your entire course is complete. 

Your course is only complete if you have passed all the assignments allocated to you, attempted each exam once at least and if you have failed any exams, completed the added compulsory final exam.

I Was Graded Only 1%. This Does Not Seem Right?

In the event that you find your score was graded 1%, it is because you have not included an attachment and there was nothing to mark.

Please reset your assignment and resubmit with the attachment. 

Why Does My Average Mark Keep Dropping?

In the event that you fail any assignments, or exams, the overall average score will drop.

This does not mean that you have failed the course. This only means that you have to improve said assignment’s score. Or take the final exam to improve your exam score. 

How Long Should I Wait To Get A Reply?

All assignments and tickets are to be responded to within 1 working day. From time to time, we may take slightly longer due to system or staffing issues.

We apologise for the inconvenience caused at this time. You may escalate to after 2 working days of not receiving a response. 

I Cannot See The Course Allocated To Me

Please log out and login again. Click on “MY COURSES” and click on the Course name.  

Instead try to login from a pc instead of a phone. If you’re logging in from a phone, please click the three lines at the top and click My Courses again. 

If you still do not see the course, please send a screenshot to

Are There Any Saved Videos Or Video Tutorials I Can Watch To Help Me With My Course?

Unfortunately, we do not have any video tutorials on any of our lessons at the moment.

We are in the process of developing these in order to improve your experience and better the education we provide. 

Contact Tutor

If you require any assistance please submit your queries by using the “Contact Tutor” Button on the Menu Bar.

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