Step By Step Guide



Step 1: Login

Step 2: Request Password Reset

Step 3: Access My Courses

Step 4: Open Course

Step 5: Read Lessons / Assignments

Step 6:  View the Lesson Quiz

Step 7: Submit Quiz for Grading

Step 8: Contact Tutor

Step 9: Edit Profile / LOGOUT


Step 1: Login

Visit our  website https://teflonthebeach.com and click on LOGIN

Step 2: Request Password Reset

  • Click LOST PASSWORD and insert your registered email.
  • Please check your email for password reset email (also check Junk mail)
  • Click link in email and create a NEW Password

Step 3: My Courses

Select MY COURSES tab on the Menu Bar to open a isting of your enrolled courses

Step 4: Open Course

Open your Course, by clicking on the Course Name


Step 5: Read Lessons / Assignments

  • Read and understand Course Content
  • Modules contain Lessons & Assignments
  • Click on Lesson / Assignment name to open
  • Read and Understand the content and proceed to Take Quiz

Step 6: View The Lesson Quiz

  • Click on the “TAKE QUIZ” on the menu bar.
  • This will open the relevant questions for a Lesson or Assignment.

Step 7: Submit Quiz for Grading

Complete Quiz and submit the answers for Grading. First Click SAVE and then click COMPLETE

Step 8: Contact Tutor

  • Results of the Lessons / Assignments will be received via email.
  • Use the “CONTACT TUTOR” button on the Menu Bar to submit a Ticket to your Tutor.

Step 9: Logout

  • Update your Profile (Name, Password Change) by choosing the LOGIN Tab  and click “Edit Profile
  • Please LOGOUT after your online session.


Passing Score

The Passing score for each Lesson / Assignment is 80%.

Lesson Attempts

You will have one attempt, and the score you achieve is the final score.

You will not fail the course because of this though, only the Lesson and you will be allowed to continue to the next Lesson.

Failing any Lesson will result in you having to complete a final exam, at the end of your course. And passing that exam will result in your certificate being issued, however failing that exam will result in you failing the course.

If you pass all Quizzes for each Module, there will be no need to write the final exam and your certificate will be available immediately.


Assignments are Essay Type Questions, requiring files to be uploaded.

Your are afforded only 3 resets of an assignment. 

Final Exams

If you failed a Lesson you will have to take a Final Exam.

These will only be loaded once all your Lessons & Assignments have been submitted and Graded

Contact Tutor

Click on the “Contact Tutor” button to submit a ticket to your Tutor, outlining your Course Related Queries


Your Certificate will be issued upon successfully completion of your Course.

This will be emailed upon completion.


We do offer upgrade options, allowing you to save.

Please email info@teflonthebeach.com or visit or Shop Page

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