Upgrade Your TEFL Course – Level 3 to 5 (140 Hour to 180 Hour Package)




Planning Ahead – make the right investment for your future
Well done on enrolling or choosing the 140 Hour TEFL Course (Level 3). You have made the smart chose and we’d like to assure you that you’re in capable hands, and being guided by people that have personally gone through the motions you’re going through, people that have taught online, taught in a classroom and achieved success and joy in this industry.

The 140-hour accredited TEFL course is an excellent choice. It combines everything you need to know about teaching English in a classroom, provides the basis for a journey to becoming a teacher online, and even gives you that extra knowledge to help you teach English in a business environment if the opportunity arises.

We would like to ensure that you get the most out of our TEFL course. Please take the time to think about what your plan is…

–       Do you want to live the Digital Nomad life and teach online from anywhere in the world? Read below to see how we can assist you to teach online…

–       Do you want to work and explore a different country and teach kids in a classroom? Read below to see how we can assist you to teach abroad…

Teaching abroad
While your current course once completed fully qualifies you to teach English as a foreign language abroad, there are many other factors. Where will you live? How will you travel? Visas? Work permit? Flight?

TEFL on the Beach has a unique product to assist you. We guarantee you employment and sort everything else out for you – here’s a list:

–       Placement is guaranteed
–       Processing and payment of visa, work permit and teacher’s license
–       Dependent visa assistance
–       Information about living abroad
–       Assistance with opening bank account and basic health insurance
–       Permanent Accommodation referral and viewings
–       Assistance with transport acquisition (if needed)
–       Job Club access + Follow up assistance
–       Airport pick up and transfer to your accommodation
–       Orientation – includes: – Thai culture class – Thai language exposure – Practical teaching in a live classroom (adds hours to your resume) – In class assignments of TEFL course, group activity and monitored discussion (if applicable)

With an instalment plan offered for the Orientation Package to pay off the upgrade cost, we make it easy to plan for your future.

Teaching Online
To get started on your own, simply start researching Online English teaching companies. You’ll find so many. Some have open platforms, some have requirements you need to meet, but there are definitely a few out there for every TEFL teacher.
TEFL on the Beach is connected with about 60 companies that offer online English learning, and they are seeking teachers. These companies are based all over the world, and serve individuals, groups, schools, learning centers and more. We assist by registering you on their platforms, and by arranging interviews where necessary, or registration and placement where allowed.

In order to qualify for TOTB to place you, you need to have completed our 180hr TEFL course. We recommend this course because it has a module that develops you specifically for Online English Teaching and simultaneously produces much needed material used to get you placed successfully. You are currently enrolled for our 140-hour curse, with 12 modules. The 13th module teaches specifically how to teach online, and grants you a 180-hour Level 5 TEFL certificate.

Registration as an Online English Teacher is done after your modules are passed, and is broken into two categories:
–               TOTB contracted companies: These are companies that allow us to recruit for them, and register our teachers to start work (if openings are available) as long as the teacher meets the criteria. These registrations take place within days of you completing your course, and you start working almost immediately.
–               TOTB agency companies: These are companies that require we produce a portfolio of you to their HR. You then interview with them and they make the decision to hire you or not. Our success rate is at around 85%. This starts coming into effect after two weeks of you completing the course with us.

Both types of companies offer part time work, which means you can be flexible, but have to show availability on your calendar for a minimum amount of teaching hours per week.
Part time work means you get paid per hour worked and as a new teacher building hours can be quite tough. Our system allows you to be placed with multiple companies though, which means you fill your day quicker, and the more hours you work, the more you get paid. The quicker you fill your hours, the quicker you get paid.

Remember – we’re not saying you can’t do this on your own, but we are saying that for you to use our placement services, this module is required.

If you would like to upgrade, the cost is R1000.00. If you click on this offer, we will give you a discount of R250.00. You only pay R750.00 to upgrade.

Contact us to upgrade. We’ll be happy to assist.


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